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The challenges

In both Europe and the USA, the healthcare sector faces similar challenges:

  • People are living longer and are more in need of quality on their older days
  • Costs within the healthcare sector are rising annually, with costs due to delayed or late treatment only increasing
  • There is a continuous shortage of suitable care staff and care infrastructure
  • Health systems focus on cure rather than prevention
  • Many electronic tools (digital diaries, apps, etc.) are not suitable for elderly patients, the digitally challenged or people with disabilities

Socially, the impact of our current socio-economic model is also big:

  • Family members live further apart, whereby contact with parents or grandparents are often very limited
  • Loneliness and isolation are increasing, while modern tools do not suffice to give these people a listening ear

The solution

Televitas provides assistive technology and services in the following 3 areas:

  • Reducing loneliness and isolation: RemotisWelfare
  • Supporting longer independent living: RemotisCare
  • Facilitating remote care: RemotisCure

The Televitas solution consists of the following components:

  • The Televitas Data Hub: an intelligent data platform that visualises data originating from sensors, apps, wearables or (medical) software applications correctly and in the desired format in the existing medical software (for doctors, hospitals, nursing services, care centers,...)
  • The Televitas Interactive Hub: a communication device consisting of an HD camera, an infra-red camera, microphones, radar and privacy shutter. This Interactive Hub allows communication over TV via tablet, smartphone, PC or another TV. It can be used for sharing videos or photos, asking questions or reminding appointments, video calling or broadcasting programmes to a chosen audience.
  • Various sensors, ranging from environmental sensors (humidity, CO2,...) to well-being sensors (sleep, movement,...) and health sensors (blood pressure, saturation, glycemia, weight, fall detection...). The interactive hub itself already contains sensors suitable for detecting mood, movement, or reading various values via the HD and/or infrared camera.
  • A link to a digital billing service, so that all services provided by healthcare providers can be correctly billed via the existing nomenclature (with e.g. mutual health organisations, private insurers, PCSWs, etc).

Televitas is an open and modular solution. Open means that different suppliers of sensors, wearables or data can integrate Televitas. Modular means that, depending on the application, certain components (sensors) may or may not be installed.

So in its simplest design, Televitas can simply be used between family members and friends to video call (grand)parents and share photos or videos of important moments!


Modern care continuously combines health and well-being of care recipients and caregivers. Periodic physical contacts according to a fixed schedule cover by no means the needs of all thos involved in care provision. Televitas offers a future-oriented solution that better aligns the needs of care recipients and caregivers and also gives space to other confidants to ensure optimal follow-up, guidance and quality of life together.

Some benefits for the caregiver:

  • Reuse of the already familiar TV, with interaction on a large screen
  • Consultations can be done from the couch

Some advantages for the caregiver:

  • Teleconsultations via Televitas use the existing nomenclature and are linked to automatic pricing and billing
  • Less travel for (specialized) care providers and therefore no loss of time due to traffic jams in peak hours


Various personal and environmental parameters of the care recipient are continuously monitored and analyzed. By linking to a professional round-the-clock alarm center, care recipient and caregiver are optimally coordinated.

For the measurement of personal parameters, Televitas uses automatically registering sensors as much as possible, reducing the risk of error measurements. Televitas' open ecosystem allows registered and approved sensors from professional suppliers. Self-registration by the caregiver can be done, but is less accurate and punctual.

Some benefits for the caregiver:

  • Monitoring of health values with accompanying feedback leads to better self-monitoring where caregivers can better and more consciously check whether their readings are within certain (agreed) limits.
  • Caregivers do not have to transmit their data.

Some advantages for the caregiver:

  • The caregiver can monitor the self-measured health data remotely and contact the caregiver if something is wrong
  • The caregiver can track the self-measured health data remotely in Televitas and own systems.


1st, 2nd and 3rd line care providers discuss with each other remotely about a patient/carer.

Some advantages for the patient / carer:

  • Being able to make their own choice whether or not to provide care and welfare services in the home context
  • Being able to wait for results at home instead of in the hospital

Some benefits for the caregiver:

  • 1st-line care providers are more involved, e.g. home nurses are assisted remotely by hospital nurses for specialised care (e.g. chemotherapy) where necessary
  • A hospital nurse visits the patient at home for monitoring e.g. a placed medication pump, with the anaesthesiologist watching remotely.


A (senior) caregiver remotely directs a medical intervention that another (junior) caregiver performs.

Some benefits for the carer/patient:

  • Increase quality of care for the carer/patient through clearer communication together with the remote assisting carer on diagnosis, treatment and healing.
  • Increase patient safety by performing safety checks together with the assisting caregiver remotely, such as jointly going over checklists before, during and after a (surgical) procedure.

Some benefits for the healthcare provider:

  • When preparing risky medication, double-checking or exercising the four-eye principle (in home care) remotely by an authorised (hospital) (pharmacy) colleague.
  • While assessing a health condition in a patient’s home, conferring remotely with the (hospital) nurse and advising on treatment at the same time.

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