Your GP

GP or specialist in your living room

Often there is a lot of time between visits to a doctor or specialist. And in the meantime, a lot can go wrong. Or sometimes you have to go to the waiting room for the umpteenth time even though nothing is really wrong. How annoying is this?

It is much better to automatically send important measurements (blood pressure, saturation, heart rate, glucose, ....) to your doctor or specialist at regular intervals. Here you can even send the data from your Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc directly to your doctor, caregiver or caretaker!


Some advantages:

  • Your doctor or specialist sees much faster if something is wrong and can make an appointment immediately.
  • You don't have to sit in a waiting room unnecessarily.
  • Your doctor or specialist can also contact your family or home care to discuss things together.
  • Thanks to Televitas, your medical situation can be monitored daily. Immediate action can be taken when it is really necessary.

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