Residential Care Facility

Providing pleasant and quality services, attracting and retaining staff, more active involvement of society, making the best use of available resources...all challenges the coming years will increase in complexity.

The use of smart technology can help with:

  • optimizing service delivery and staff fulfillment
  • involving family or friends in the (mental) well-being of residents
  • proactively detecting potential problem and conditions
  • improving well-being for both residents and caregivers
  • avoiding unnecessary expenses or equipment costs

Crucially, technology is constantly changing and different residents benefit from different (suppliers of) devices.

This is why Televitas developed a platform where, depending on the needs of the resident, different solutions from different suppliers can be linked or disconnected. Televitas ensures that all data or alarm signals from these solutions are nicely presented within the caregiver's work environment. A link with alarm centers is also provided, or measurements can be automatically transmitted in the doctor's EHR.

In addition, Televitas provides for communication via the resident's TV. Hereby, the following applications are offered:

  • calling or being called through the TV
  • watching (instructional) videos and pictures
  • projecting appointments on the screen, ask questions
  • making broadcasts for several residents simultaneously

Televitas' open and modular platform ensures that managers of assisted living facilities and nursing homes can work with smart technology in a future-oriented way and set up better communication between residents, family, friends, internal and external care providers.

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