Pharmaceutical Industry

Getting direct feedback from patients when using medication, health or performance-enhancing drugs or personal care products is often challenging. Especially in real-life settings. Either this data can only be obtained indirectly, or it is often not available in the desired formats, frequency, detail, etc.

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Televitas offers an intelligent data and communication platform that can give pharmaceutical manufacturers direct insight into the performance of their products or therapies:

  • via various sensors, both medical and non-medical (e.g. FitBit, Whoop,...), person-related (blood pressure, saturation, temperature, weight, movement,...) or environment-related (ambient temperature, light intensity, sounds,...) data is collected and transmitted in an automated way
  • These data can, if desired, be further analyzed or made transparent
  • the communication hub further ensures that communication with the (test) patient is easy: (multiperson) video calling via TV, projecting questions, making appointments, presenting instruction videos, uploading photos, etc.
  • doctors or nurses can easily be involved in communication or data analysis
  • Communication can also be conducted via multiple hubs simultaneously, so that group broadcasts can be set up around, for example, the correct use of medication.

Televitas provides you with a modern platform for direct contact with your various target or test groups, and allows you to automatically follow up and adjust their results.

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