Emergency Centre

Both large and small care centers face a number of known challenges:

  • the increase in the number of care recipients
  • the growing complexity
  • available capacity and availability of resources and personnel throughout the care process.

Crucial to this is being able to provide the right help at the right time. A correct assessment of the situation in which the care recipient finds himself is crucial. Even better is the reduction of necessary interventions through preventive action.

Televitas offers an intelligent communication platform for remote monitoring of caregivers that integrates with your own software. Televitas:

  • visualizes data from different suppliers of medical sensors (blood pressure, saturation, heart rate, temperature, weight, movement...), environmental sensors (fall detection, humidity,...), apps and wearables (FitBit, Garmin, smart watches,...) within your own work environment
  • generates personalized alarms in case of deviating patterns or exceeding limit values
  • allows you to make video calls (with several people), make appointments, show instruction videos, project reminders, create group broadcasts or organize games via TV, among other things
  • connects seamlessly with common EHRs and EMDs
  • provides the ability to analyze incoming data to proactively intervene.

Care recipient and caregiver are thus optimally aligned.

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