Televitas launches investment round

Televitas, subsidiary of onetowin B.V. (Ghent) specializing in e-health technology, is launching a crowdfunding campaign through crowd platform Spreds. The campaign runs until 15 December 2023. Investments in this company benefit from a 45% tax reduction (tax shelter).


Televitas develops an innovative e-health technology platform that helps healthcare professionals, health insurance companies and individuals to remotely monitor their health and well-being. Televitas' technology focuses on :

  • reducing loneliness and social isolation
  • living independently and comfortably for longer
  • receiving and providing remote care and monitoring medication or care programs.
The technology platform consists of a Data Hub, Communication Hub, a connection to more than 100 (medical and commercial) wearables, sensors or apps and a link with a digital pricing service to NIHDI, health insurance companies or fourth payers.

Televitas' strength lies in:

  • streamlining data from various sources to the medical packages of healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, care centers, nurses,...)
  • offering analysis possibilities on this data in the context of, for example, prevention (AI)
  • the unique link between patient and care provider in the context of reimbursable care
  • simple communication, whereby even the digital-savvy or those who cannot handle smartphones or tablets can also send or receive messages, videos, conversations, reminders or measurement results via their TVs

Prototypes of the platform are being set up with, among others, Z-Plus (alarm monitoring) and a number of hospitals (such as OLV Aalst, Northern Care Alliance, NorthWest London), various care institutions, care associations (Alzheimer's Society) and medical software (NexuzHealth, HealthOne, Doctar, Care Ace,...). For distribution, a partnership was formed with US-based CommScope. Televitas is now preparing to roll out in the Benelux countries, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Why support Televitas?

  • Help reduce loneliness and isolation, support longer independent living and facilitate remote care.
  • Televitas provides an answer to the combination of rising healthcare costs, increasing shortages of qualified staff and a sharp increase in the number of people in need of care in Europe (>1.6 million 70+ in Belgium and >80 million 80+ in Europe with doubling in the next 20 years)
  • The remote care market is a rapidly growing market, with growth rates ranging from CAGR 8.8% to even CAGR 34%, depending on how broadly or specifically the various components are included.
  • Thanks to the Taxshelter scheme, this campaign gets you 45% of your investment back on your tax return for the 2023 tax year.
"Televitas is capitalizing on the increasing availability of smart technology by offering an open and intelligent platform on which certified providers can integrate sensors, apps or other devices in a secure and controlled manner. The big advantage: the healthcare provider gets all the data, within the familiar medical software package."

Paul De Wilde


Investing involves serious risks, including the partial or total loss of capital. Please read the Key Investment Information Sheet and risk factors and log in before investing.

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