Insurance Industry

More than ever, health insurers face a complex mix of challenges:

  • rising costs regarding various treatments
  • a rapidly ageing population
  • an increase in the period during which people are dependent on care
  • an increasingly large group of people in a phase of loneliness and isolation, coupled with the resulting decline in general physical and mental health
  • growing waiting lists in care, leading to interventions or admissions at a later stage of the treatment process

Care versus cure?

Televitas helps health insurers by focusing on both prevention and communication. Thanks to the Televitas data platform, individuals can be actively monitored via various sensors ranging from commercial wearables (FitBit, Whoop,...) to medically approved devices. Because Televitas is an open platform, measurement devices from different vendors can be easily combined. In this way, certain patterns can be detected more quickly and action can be taken more quickly. This leads not only to cost savings for the insurer, but also to an increase in customer well-being.

Furthermore, the Televitas hub provides easy communication via TV. In addition to video calls, exercises or explanations of health programs or pathways can be explained in this way. Linkage is also provided with the various software packages of doctors, hospitals, care centers or nursing services with automatic settlement of remote care via the existing nomenclature.

Televitas supports the shift from cure to care, helps to increase the well-being of clients as well as care personnel, and takes a preventive approach to reducing treatment costs.

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